Thursday, 9 September 2010

Horseradish Vodka

You've tasted it, now you can buy it!
Being utilised in the 69 Bloody Mary (our favourite so far in the saga of bloody marys- now with homemade tabasco, celery salt and black pepper tincture!) and in a variation at the Charles Lamb, it is now also available to buy at the bar with no name at a bargain price of £12.

Cold distilled at low pressure, it retains all the bite of fresh horseradish. Pungent, fiery, and highly fragrant.


  1. Which vodka do you use to distil the horseradish with?

    Just out of curiosity - whichever it is, I agree that £12 is a bargain!

  2. have you tried the pressure infusion using an ISI whipper?
    i wrote a brief artical about it,

  3. We use Wyborowa at the bar. It has a great clean taste, and nice texture, and we find that the rye notes work well with the bite of horseradish.

    Pressure infusion is a great quick alternative, especially for those who do not have a Vacuum Still at home, however, the flavour profile is quite incomparable