Sunday, 26 September 2010

Live music- tonight! Sunday 26th September!

Tonight we welcome to the bar with no name the first appearance of The Jazz in Paris Project. Live tonight from 8.30

An introduction:
The Jazz In Paris project is French-American singer eVe Buigues accompanied by Scottish guitarist Kevin Glasgow. The Jazz In Paris Project bring a fresh and innovative approach to jazz with their original French adaptations of familiar jazz tunes, their unique take on traditional standards, and their smooth versions of unexpected hit songs such as The Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams and Prince's quintessential Kiss.
In a charming, unassuming way, The Jazz in Paris Project bring a touch of class and the enticing sound of Parisian romance to any event. A former Los Angeles resident, eVe Buigues is well-known for her singing work on various American TV series (Jag, Andy Richter Controls The Universe), films (Notorious C.H.O., The Antwone Fisher Story), and major artists' albums (Michael Jackson, Rodney Jerkins). A prolific songwriter, she recorded three full-length albums with LA band Jariya, and the soundtrack for several films featuring star comedian Margaret CHO (Notorious C.H.O, Revolution, I'm The One That I Want, Bam Bam and Celeste, The Grocery Store), as well as for the History Channel, Star Crossed, and Joe Black's School of Rock.


Promo video

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cocktail Masterclass

The 69 Colebrooke master class experience will give you hands on, one on one training with 2 of our world renowned bartenders. You will not only get behind the bar and make the drinks yourself, but learn the history and creation process of the drinks, hopefully inspiring you to go home and create your own recipes. Just in time for holiday gatherings!

These specific classes will be filled at 25 people per class, but private classes are also available for booking and the drink menu can be catered to your wishes.
The cost is £35 per person and will include an introduction, the 2 hour class, all supplies and snacks and nibbles for all attending!

These classes will fill quickly, so contact us to reserve your space today at

Dates for the Diary

Autumn Class
25th September
Focus on Whisk(e)y and Bourbon based cocktails

Halloween Class
30th October
Spooky and Fun

20th November
Seasonal drinks

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Horseradish Vodka

You've tasted it, now you can buy it!
Being utilised in the 69 Bloody Mary (our favourite so far in the saga of bloody marys- now with homemade tabasco, celery salt and black pepper tincture!) and in a variation at the Charles Lamb, it is now also available to buy at the bar with no name at a bargain price of £12.

Cold distilled at low pressure, it retains all the bite of fresh horseradish. Pungent, fiery, and highly fragrant.

Sealed with a kiss

The developments of homemade, edible lipstick have come to fruition. Scented with the notes of the drink- with hints of raspberry, rose, grapefruit and violet, and in a rich dragon blood red- the recognisable lipstick smear adorns the lip of the flute. Painting the image of a beautiful film noir femme fatale leaving her mark of glamourised femininity fleetingly on the glass...


The 6 y o, available from.... now!

Having taken a while to reach maturity, it would be a shame to see it vanish away too swiftly (even though it tastes truly incredible)- so access is limited. One per group, and on a first come, first served basis.

Please be considerate to those who may not make it in today; there's only one bottle!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Rhubarb gin available at The Charles Lamb

Small bottles of Rhubarb gin are available for a mere £12 from the Charles Lamb whilst stocks last. Made at the bar with no name during the short burst when rhubarb was at its peak, two variants are on offer. The early season rhubarb has a softer pink hue- more orange, with a balance of tart, sharp rhubarb coupled with the pine notes of juniper. The new season is a more vibrant pink with a fuller, earthy nose. Both have a delicate, but sophisticated palate, perfect for cocktails (plesae ask for suggestions) or in classic highballs (a large measure to allow the rhubarb to come through)- a G&T, or in a buck with Ginger ale and a slice of lemon.