Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Rumfest after party

The celebrations of rumfest became somewhat eclipsed by the series of successes over the weekend (see below for more details), but the day's proceedings went down a storm. The day began early with Cuban food served outside with our authentically (we are informed) decorated street, followed by live Cuban music and of course, lashings of Cuban rum in the form of special Havana Club cocktails.

Guests were treated to specially prepared Havana Blanco Mojito Sorbet created earlier with a batch of dry ice, mint hydrosol and lime.

Frozen Mulata daiquiris, dry ice hemingways, vintage El Pres... the drinks flowed and the dancing ensued whilst the sun shone graciously on us. As the evening rolled around, news of our trophy reached the hoards and a truly rum filled party escalated long into the night. A night to remember!

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