Friday, 1 October 2010

Legendary Drinkers through the bar with no name

We’d like to highlight a few of our international guests who cannot make it into the bar on a regular basis, but when the opportunity arises, are sure to be found at the bar with no name.

Heath is well known throughout many of the bars around the world, and is identifiable by his dapper attire and knowledge of classic libations. An eclectic palate and sophisticated drinker, we ask those who have the opportunity to host him to greet him cordially and enjoy his witty charm.

Also a regular to grace the bar again was Ernesto. Hailing from Mexico he once again visited us within the bar for the duration of his trip. Particularly interesting on this occasion was his unique ordering- not only asking for recommendations and any favourites of the moment, he would follow each choice with a contrasting request; a Communist was followed by a call for a Capitalist, a rich drink followed by a request for a poor drink... Again, if you have the pleasure to encounter him, send him our regards and look after him well. He even brought us presents from Mexico!

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