Friday, 20 August 2010

New Staff, New Toys!

There have been a few new additions to the Bar with no name. In the way of staff, there are a few familiar faces, but also some newer ones that we'd like to introduce:


Our head bartender Stu- who many of you will be familiar with- hails from the mysterious land of the weej. Having been with us almost from the beginning, he knows all the in's and out's of the happenings at 69 Colebrooke Row. We love Stu

Our resident Spaniard hails from "just outside of Madrid". He joined us from a Michelin Starred restaurant where he was head waiter, but came to us lured by the wondrous drinks of the bar with no name which fitted much more with his sunny 'Spanish' persona. Born in a coffee machine. He is a hero

The newest addition to the team hails from across the pond where she was running some joints in the big apple. A Brooklynite native, she seems very much at home in London and life at the bar with no name.

The tallest team member- and sporting a flashy new blond look- Louis is our Antipodean hostess- but we can't quite work out if she's from Australia or New Zealand. We think she's great

Joining us from Edinburgh, Ryan is our in house lab and experimental guinea pig. Having won UK's best bartender for World Class the previous year, he can hopefully also mix up some tasty libations. Not quite as great as the girls

Hazel is our Food Scientist intern from Leeds University. She is also an expert chili chopper and has assisted Tony on a few projects (watch this space). A fan of marigolds. She too is great


A Kitchen Aid Mixer and Blender have aided in the production of our dry ice ice creams and also to ensure our Elegante (and frozen Hemingways...) are blended to perfection (amongst other things)

A Vorwerk Thermomix is assisting in quite a few new projects in the lab- again, watch this space!

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