Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tales of the Cocktail and New Orleans

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International Bartender of the Year

"La Nouvelle Orleans" is rivaled by very few in the sheer wealth of music, food, and cocktail culture.

Often referred to as the birthplace of jazz and then it's subsequent morphing into RnB and Rock n' Roll, many put this down to the sheer diversity in the cultures living within New Orleans. It was a melange of traditions that melded and morphed around the city creating styles that were widely popular but distinctly New Orleans.

As well known as it is for it's music, many would argue it's history of creating classic and legendary cocktails is just as well important. Now home to the Museum of the American Cocktail and Tales of the Cocktail, the area is assured to retain it's place as a cocktail haven. In 2008 the Sazerac was named the Official Cocktail of New Orleans after being created by Amedee Peychaud in the early 1800,s. The drink was originally mixed with cognac however over time Thomas Handy stepped in and changed the spirit to rye whiskey sometime during the 1870's and the recipe has remained un-touched to this day.

A drink which is perhaps slightly less well known to some contemporary bars, but has an equally important place in the history books is the Ramos Fizz. In it's initial guise it would be shaken by 12 different people for one minute each. Created by Henry C Ramos at Meyers Restaurant, it has since been adapted into a slightly more practical drink but still has puts many bartenders arms to the test of shaking it properly.

Though it would be very easy to spend a very very long time talking about New Orleans cocktail history, it's present day choice of restaurants surely deserves equal attention.

Arnauds - Housed in the french quarter, Arnauds features award-winning Creole cuisine, friendly, charming service and an ambiance you will only find in the French Quarter.

Brennan's - A highly renowned legend in New Orleans, with good reason. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find the restaurant in the French Quarter and sample some of the worlds most imaginative dishes.

What is New Orleans if not laid back and that is reflected in some of it's more relaxed eateries and cafes. Huck Finns Cafe, for instance, is famed for serving authentic New Orleans dishes, whose recipes have been passed down through generations. Or Mulate's Cajun Restaurant. which many consider to be the place that made Cajun culture famous.

We hope to see you there!

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