Sunday, 9 January 2011

69 Team trip to berlin

The 69 crew went for a family outing across the shores to the wonderful Berlin following a busy Christmas and New Year period. Despite a reception of ice and snow, spirits were high- aided by the wonderful reception of Soho House Hotel , and a fantastic break ensued. A soak in the cultural offerings of the city were paralleled with that within the hotel spa and a host of excellent bars- notably Lebensstern , Staggerlee , Tausend and Buck and Breck . In addition- Cami got to recharge her batteries in the brilliant cowshead spa, Tony got a very fetching pair of boots, LOU made it to the aquarium despite the failings of everyone else, Teo and Stu received endurance awards, Sophie dominated, Ryan was ping-pong champion, Cara got amused by foreign signs (with superb photos to boot) and Ingrid made her flight home (in spite of some mean spirited attempts to make otherwise). Superb! Oh, and Marcis was there too.

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