Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Autumn Cocktails

69 Colebrooke enters into Autumn….

We have some new drinks from Tony Conigliaro taking on the new seasons flavours.... These are just a few.

Our Americanino (as the classic Americano but with our own seasonal bitters made in Tony’s Lab above the bar) is losing its Grapefruit bitters for some house made Rhubarb bitters.

Introducing The Somerset Sour … served in a martini coup it shows of the Somerset Brandy 5 yr old, laced with cider and garnished with a bobbing apple with the distinct scent of the country side … Hay.

Death in Venice (Camille’s new tipple!) is inspired by the 1971 Cannes Film Festival award winning film of the same name staring Dirk Bogarde. It involves Campari, Preosseco, home made grapefruit bitters, orange twist served served in a tulip flute.

The Prairie Oyster was epitamised by film …. Sally Bowles in Cabaret. Tony’s version contains no egg or Oyster but is served in a resin oyster shell with a clarified tomato ‘yolk’ surrounded by vodka, Tabasco, worcester sauce, vinegar, salt and shallots.
The shape of the shell encourages you to slurp the liquid which will bombard you with the intense flavours of the ‘oyster’ juices. This will be followed by the popping of the yolk which will wash bursts of clean pure flavours of clarified tomato juice.

The Prairie Oyster will be offered out randomly as and when an appreciative crowd descends, and at only £4.50 a pop this is one experience you are going to want to be a part of…so come appreciate!

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